‘ROCstars’ for December 2009 – Arun and Banhishikha Majumdar

We are almost drawing a close on 2009 and are hopeful of a great 2010. But before we say goodbye to this year, The Reach Out Club would like to introduce to you ‘The ROCstar of the Month’. This is a title for anyone who has gone that extra mile to reach out towards any cause.
For December we have two ROCstars – Arun and Banhishika Majumdar who have come forward to sponsor the education of needy children. Both of them have learnt that it does not take much to reach out to someone in need. The Reach Out Club applauds its first ROCstars.
Arun Raja
Arun Raja is an employee of Infosys and was looking around for opportunities to do some good work in the field of children’s education. When contacted by The Reach Out Club, he readily agreed to sponsor the education of two children of the Franciscan Institute School, Bangalore.
Arun had never heard of ROC or any of its members previously. But by evening, Arun paid the annual fees of two children – Dhanalakshmi (class IX) and Anita (class VIII) and gave them a better tomorrow. Congratulations Arun, do continue the good work!
Banhishikha Majumdar
Banhishikha is a journalist working for Press Association. Before moving into Mangalore Banhishikha was helping a physically challenged child’s education. Her desire to help children brought her to ROC which she wished to sponsor the education of a girl child. ROC put her in touch with a social work agency through which she sponsored the education of Kunitha D’Souza, a first standard student of Government School, Pavoor. Good work Banhishika. You are our ROCstar!
Children sponsored by Arun Raja

Dhanalakshmi studies in class IX at the Fransciscan Institute School, Bangalore. Like most children of her age, she wished to do finish her schooling and get into college. But the financial condition at home did not seem too favourable to even complete her current year of study in spite of being academically good.  
Dhanalakshmi’s father runs a petty shop on a busy roadside while her mother takes care of the house. She has two brothers and one sister. School is still a luxury to her. If things could get any worse, the shop that the family runs will soon be demolished for the road extension project in the area. It would be the end of the road for Dhanalakshmi. But thanks to Arun who paid all her fees for the year, she can now complete her class IX exams. 
Anita hails from a poor family. Her parents are both coolie workers and with their meager income support four children. Each day is a struggle for them. Though poor, the parent’s dream of seeing their daughter complete her schooling so that she may be able to become sufficient and independent in the years to come. But with the soaring prices for basic existence, Anita would soon have to drop out of school in order to support her family. Arun is blessing in disguise for Anita. It is because of sponsors like him, this bright girl is able to study and look towards a good future.
Children sponsored by Banhishikha Majumdar
Kunitha D’Souza, is the second daughter of Mr Francis and Mrs Tina. They stay in their maternal grandmothers house on a tiny island called Pavoor Uliya, near Adyar in Mangalore. Her father Francis works as a cook. In the last monsoons their small house collapsed and put them into great misery. Kunitha’s mother suffers from sever back pain. Little Kunitha is a smart and active kid. She loves dancing and is good in academics too. The helping hand from Banhishikha has helped ease the woes of the family.

About sponsoring education for  children
We all assume that sponsoring a child’s education costs a huge amount. The truth is that, it can be begin from very small amounts of Rs 200 a month. In case if you wish to know more about how you can help a  needy child, please contact the ROC team.
Melisha Noronha         9886771435
Vinod Lobo                9886724631

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  1. Good work! Kudos!

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